2013 ..

It’s been a mixed sort of year.   The cats at the start of 2013 were fosters from another rescue, then a collection who for various reasons came through the local cattery, and then after August the cats who came were 8 Lives Cat Rescue cats.  Amidst all the angst and upheaval of the year, there are a couple of things that remain constant:

  •  There are a frightening number of cats and kittens out there who need help
  •  There are a surprising number of very lovely people who are willing to offer the above cats spaces in their hearts and homes.

Here are some of this year’s cats chilling in their new homes

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Some are photos of when they’ve first arrived, others of when they’re more settled.   Panda and Dunlop went to their new home in January this year, they didn’t stay hiding under the sofa for long.  Jak and Jenny went to their new home only a few days ago – we hope they don’t continue to look this worried.   It’s been lovely seeing photos of our kits getting to know their new older brothers and sisters, feline and bunny, and to see them relaxing, being spoiled stupid with toys and treats, and knowing most of all that they’re now loved and cared for.

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