Alice & Arnold

Alice & Arnold came into rescue when they were 5 weeks old, along with their siblings/cousins and mum (or she may be their aunty … its a long story … but she’s cared well for them) .  Amongst the group they tend to hang out and snuggle together.  They’re a little more timid than the rest of the kits but will flourish once they have a space of their own.

They’ve had a brief health check this weeek and will have a fuller health check, start their vaccinations and be microchipped at around 9 weeks old.   The primary course of vaccinations consists of two shots, one at 9 weeks and the second at 12 weeks old.  They’ll be ready for adoption at 10/11 weeks old … early June .. so long as adopters are wlling to take them to our vets for the second vaccination (paid for by us) at 12 weeks.

They’re confident happy kittens so will fit into any family who has time to give them the attention they need and is prepared to cope with the chaos that kittens cause 🙂  We prefer not to adopt very young kittens to families with very young children but are happy to adopt to families with kids who are old enough to understand how to treat animals with respect.

The kits will need to be neutered at age 5-6 months, and  be kept securely indoors until this time.  After that they’d like a safe garden, away from busy roads where they can chase off their kitten energy.  We strongly recommend that cats of all ages are kept securely indoors when its dark for their own safety, and have access to an indoor litter tray.

All our adoptions offer 4 weeks insurance with Pet Plan.

We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum donation of £70 per kitten. There’s more about our adoption process here: and you’ll find more photos and stories about them here: and here:

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