Wilma arrived in rescue a few weeks ago with her 3 kittens.   She’d been living outdoors with them, and quite a lot of other cats in that area.  A concerned member of the public had borrowed a trap and got her and her kittens to safety.  It’s become clear that although her kittens will probably be able to settle into a home life, Willma needs to be outside.

finally ears up
She’s pictured between two of  her kittens.  She’s been a good mum to them.

She’s been spayed and mircochipped, wormed and fleaed, and has started her vaccinations.  Our vet thinks she’s in good health, her coat is certainly glossy and in good conditiion.  We’re estimating her to be about 2 years old.

She needs an outdoor home with safe shelter and regular feeding, someone to continue to keep an eye on her.  A stable, small holding, allotment etc would be ideal.

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