Howard – seeking long term foster home

Howard came into rescue about a year ago.  People who lived nearby reckoned he’d been living rough for many years, however he came to our attention because he had a nasty abscess on his foot.  That was easily resolved with anti biotics and a bit of tlc.  Sadly as it turned out, a poorly foot was the least of his problems and Howard was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease and anaemia.

He’s a lovely friendly purry old boy who likes nothing more than a lap to snuggle on.

Currently his condition is reasonably stable, managed by renal diet and daily medication. Hopefully it will continue like this for a while, though its possible his conditiion will become worse at any time.  He had some months as an only cat in a foster home and thrived there but unfortunately this arrangement has to come to an end despite Howard never having put a paw wrong, and he’s in the position of looking for another foster home, hopefully to live out what remains of his life in as much peace and contentment as possible.

We’re looking for a foster home with experience of cats, confident with giving medication and noticing changes in day to day health.
Howard needs to live in the main part of the house as part of the family, not shut away in a separate room.  He needs to be the only pet really as he doesn’t get on well with other cats, and its difficult to manage a renal diet with other cats and other food around.  He needs someone to be around quite a bit of the day – either working from home or retired so that he can have regular cuddles and be encouraged to eat on the days when he’s feeling off it.

Howard needs to be kept securely indoors, perhaps with the occasional supervised potter in the garden once settled, but because of his health needs he must not be allowed to roam freely outdoors.

The foster home will need to be within easy reach of the rescue and our vets at Millhouses Sheffield, and the foster carer able to take him to the vets when required.

8 Lives are happy to provide all Howard’s food and cover vet bills if you can provide love and care.  Howard will be pleased to provide purrs and snuggles, and even the odd play session when he’s having a better day.

If you feel you might to be person to give Howard love and care in his final months … possibly making this the best part of  what has been a pretty difficult life … please contact us at

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