Bella & Bailey

new arrivals 11 sept8


This group of siblings came from a garden where mum cat had not been neutered, and already had the next litter of little ones with her. We think they are about 4/5 months old as of September 2013. They were very timid when they first arrived in their foster home, however after an hour of so Bailey decided it was ok and started to really enjoy having a fuss. His sister Bella was a little more reticent but has got more confident as the days have gone on. This evening, about a week since they came into foster care she’s been on my lap having a cuddle. Barney isn’t finding it quite so easy, but he’s got to the stage (18 Sept) where he will sit and watch rather than running and hiding, and enjoys a stroke enough to purr sometimes.

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They’ve been neutered, micro chipped, and vaccinated. They get on well together, so could go singly or together. Barney may need a quieter home, with people who have some patience to help him settle – but I’m quite sure he WILL settle given his progress in the last 7 days. They’ll need a safe garden to explore once they’re settled and ready to start going out.

We always home check prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £70. If you think any of this lovely lot would fit into you home please contact us at:

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