Jak came to 8 Lives with his mum – Jenny – when their 90+ year old human was no longer able to care for them and live independently.  We don’t have a lot of history, but putting the pieces together it looks as though although he cared well for their basic needs the cats weren’t handled very often.  Although his mum has settled well in rescue, Jak is finding it difficult and we suspect he’s really not been used to being stroked at all.

jack 17 nov2

He’s a handsome boy and has made some progress since he arrived in rescue – he no longer hides all the time, and hissing /lashing out isn’t his first port of call any more.  It’s going to take a special person to help him build his confidence if he’s going to be able to live happily in a home though.

It would be lovely if he could find a quiet, gentle home that was experienced with timid cats who could adopt him and his mum, and help him find his full potential.  Miracles seldom happen though, so we’d also be delighted if Jak could find employment as rodent control officer at a farm or stables or similar.

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