Domino was found in the City Centre some weeks ago. Her finders believed she was pregnant so pulled all the stops out to get her into rescue, and the way the logistics worked out, after a fair bit of discussion, dropped her off at our vets for us to collect later. We were really tight for space and had only agreed to take her because she was pregnant, but when we arrived at the vets to pick her up we were greeted with the news that her ‘pregnant’ tummy was full of wind rather than kittens! .. and given the option to not take her after all. However, having seen her anxious little head poking out the top of the cardboard box she’d arrived in, how could we really say “no”. So home with us she came.

domino windy2

Poor little love, she settled down in her crate and slept. It must have been exhausting trying to survive in the middle of a busy city. Goodness knows what she’d been eating to get her tum in that state, but after worming and a decent diet for a few days it all settled down.  Despite extensive advertising, no one has claimed her so she’s now up for adoption.

new arrival 13 october2

She’s a real little sweetheart, loves company and purrs with all her might when she’s being fussed.  She absolutely loves having her head and ears scratched and her fur brushed.

She’s been health checked at our vets and is believed to be in good health and about 18 months old.  She’s been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped in addition to the usual flea and worm treatment.

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She’s tolerated sharing space with our resident cats but might be happier living in a less catty household.   She’ll need to stay indoors until she’s settled but then will want a safe garden to explore.

If you think you might be the person to help poor Domino settle down and have a happy life after this horrid ordeal please contact us at We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £70 for an adult cat.

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