We’re adding Sage’s page just for completeness of records.   She never had a proper adoption advert – she didn’t need one.  By a bizarre stroke of fate she landed straight on her paws.



Normally when I pick a cat up to bring her/him into rescue we’re straight into the car, seat belts on, sat nav set and off home. For some reason when I picked Sage up in Leeds a couple of months ago I paused to take a photo (above) before we set off home. You know sometimes that odd significant feeling?

Anyway we got home and Sage was lovely …. but intent on ripping her fur out. She’d clearly been doing that before we picked her up and it continued. I posted the “in the car” photo on facebook, a friend saw it, and messaged me a couple of days later saying she couldn’t stop thinking about Sage, and offered her a foster home. We were keen to take her up on this offer since we thought perhaps the stress of other cats around at the rescue was making it worse, and this was a pet free foster home.

sage day one foster home

Our friend has done a fab job with fostering her …. but ultimately failed at the task and has been seduced into becoming an adoptive parent instead! We’re delighted of course 😉

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