Mac was the first stray we noticed.   He was hanging around the garden and was delighted with the offer of a free meal.  After a few days I managed to get close to him and was horrified to see he had hairless bloody patches on him.  I thought at first a fox had had hold of him.   He was timid so I’d no idea how he might respond to being touched but when I put my hand out he put his head in it and purred.   I managed to grab him (not impressed!) and rush him up to Peak vets before they closed for the night.

Once in the light at the surgery (it was a winter’s night when I caught him) we realised it wasn’t a fox attack but a nasty case of dermatitis.  Just at that time I had no space or funds to take in a poorly un neutered tom cat and had to leave him for the RSPCA to collect.   Very anxious about him as the RSPCA don’t have a great reputation.

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However this story has a happy ending.   The RSPCA were great, took him in, spent weeks sorting out medication and diet that suited him and then found him a new home.



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