Tabbytha & Mowse

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Tabbytha & Mowse started life on a farm up in North Yorkshire, amongst a group of other outdoor cats who were being fed there., Sadly the feeder became too ill to continue to care for them, and a number of rescues worked together to get all the cats to safety. Tabbytha and Mowse arrived with us, both heavily pregnant. We’d anticipated needing to separate them prior to the births to allow them some space, however they were clearly very attached to each other and got comfort from each other after such a huge upheaval. We kept a very close eye on them as the birth approached to ensure their safety. The best we’d hoped for was that they’d allow each other some space to have their kits and there wouldn’t be any aggro. What actually happened was awesome. When Tab went into labour Mowse got in the bed with her, cuddled her, purred at her, washed her and her new born kittens. They laid together in the bed caring for the kits until a week later when Mowse’s kittens were born and Tabbytha offered her the same care. The 7 kittens they had between them have been equally cared for by both mums. They’re some of the most lovely attentive mums I’ve ever seen, even welcoming an 8th kitten into the nest when he arrved in rescue completely alone.

mowse & tabbytha - too shy

mowse & tabbytha – too shy


They’ve coped remarkably well with being indoors in rescue, allowed us to handle the kittens and care for them, and reached a point where they will approach me for pieces of chicken hand fed to them. However they’re not pet cats, they don’t want to be stroked and fussed. They need a safe outdoor home with shelter, regular food and someone to look out for them. Initially, until they settle they’ll need to be contained indoors in a stable/barn etc. If there were an amazing person who was happy to offer an indoor home with freedom to roam as they please and little expectation of close contact with them, they’d be happy with that too I think. They”d probably be fine with other cats as they’ve lived as part of a bigger group of cats before.

They have been  spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, and now their kits are grown (they were born in April – they not tiny as on these photos) they’re ready to start the next chapter of their lives.  We always home (/barn/stable) check prior to adoption. Have a look at our blog and facebook page to find out more about these lovely girls. and

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