Jake came into rescue early August 2013.    He’d been hanging around in someone’s garden looking sad and hungry.   They fed him and he moved in, and was a complete sweetheart.   Sadly (for Jake and for the humans) there are real reasons why they cannot take him in permanently.   He’s a sweet friendly playful cuddly puss, who I’d guess is about 8 months old.  He’s the kind of snuggle puss you can sweep up in your arms and tip on his back – big softie.  He’s off to the family planning clinic on Monday (edit – done),  and will get a microchip whilst he’s here.    He’ll be  vaccinated after that.


For connoisseurs of black cats, he has everything going for him – beautiful sleek soft black fur, and the most gorgeous profile.   As you can see from the slide show we spent quite a while checking out his best profile angle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you think your home might just be good enough for such a hunk please email me: aine@meerscattery.co.uk   A home check and minimum donation (to help cover costs for the next little one who comes into rescue) are required prior to adoption.

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