Betsy & Benjamin

Betsy & Benjamin were found living rough under a car a few weeks ago.  We’ve no idea how they came to be there – they’re friendly affectionate playful and healthy kittens – they must have had a home at some stage. Nevertheless, no one seems to be looking for them, extensive searches have found no owners.

These two are gorgeous – they’re loving, full of life and destruction just as kittens should be.   You might wonder why the only photo we have is of them in a cat carrier!   Ahem.

They’ve had a health check at vets and have been microchipped and started their vaccinations.   Health check seems fine, though Betsy has a slight umbilical hernia which will need repairing when she’s spayed if it doesn’t respolve itself before then.  We always pay for both vaccinations in the primary course as part of our adoption package so if you’re able to take them to our vet at Millhouses for the second vacc when its due, they’ll be ready to go to their new home now..

The kits will need to be neutered at 5-6 months old and MUST stay securely indoors until they’ve been neutered and are at least 6 months old. For safety reasons we strongly recommend that they’re kept indoors at night time and given access to a litter tray for the whole of their lives.

Once old enough to go out they’ll enjoy having a safe garden to explore and to run off their crazy kitten energy in. It’s important that this is away from busy roads.

These little ones should be fine around kids who know how to treat animals with respect.  They could be fine with older friendly cats though we’d rather not risk them around dogs.

All our adoptions come with 4 weeks free insurance from Pet Plan which is a well regarded insurance agency.

If you think your home might be the one for these two  please email us at: to get an adoption enquiry form.

We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum donation of £70 per kitten. There’s more about our adoption process here: and you’ll find more photos and stories about them here: and here:

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