Paul has sadly lived as a stray for most of his life we think. He’s only a young lad (approx 3 years) but is very wary and anxious around people. It’s painful to imagine how he’s survived, he’s most likely had a lot of knock backs when he’s been asking for help. Thankfully he found a lovely young woman who fed him regularly and gained enough trust for him to be taken into her house when he was unwell and injured.


We’ve sorted his wounds and got him back to health. He’s now neutered and microchipped and has started his vaccinations. His flea and worm prevention is up to date.

He’s making some …. slow ….. progress towards confidence in rescue. Although he often hisses when approached, he hasn’t lashed out. He’s allowed our vet to examine him and treat him without sedation or injury. He’ll take treats, gently, from hands. Although he’s wary whilst people are in his room, our web cam shows that he’s able to relax indoors whilst left in peace: The young woman who fed him and got him into rescue felt that he badly wanted to be friends but was just too anxious to do it, and our experience fits with this.

Paul at vets

We’re currently wavering between asking for a very patient indoor home where he can gain his confidence at his own pace, or an outdoor home where he can do his own thing, but hopefully learn to trust the people who are caring for him. Whether indoor or outdoor, he would need to be contained for several weeks so that he knows where he’s being fed and cared for.

Could you be the person who helps turn his life around?

We always homecheck prior to adoption. There’s more about our adoption process here: and you’ll probably find more photos and stories about him here: and here:

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