Jet, Shadow & Dusky

These three kits were found at about 4 weeks old, abandoned by a farm cat. They were very frightened when first found but have come on in leaps and bounds and are now a lot more friendly and have gained a lot of confidence around people. They’re currently about 10 weeks old.

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Firstly there is Jet he is male and all black. He is the most confident of the three and purrs a lot when in his cat bed and having his belly stroked.

Then there is shadow who is female and has a large white patch of fur that looks like a bib and also has one on her belly. She is definitely top kitten and bosses her brothers around. She loves being stroked and also purrs a lot when fussed!

Finally there is Dusky who is male he is the most timid of the three and is still quite nervous and needs lots of love to bring he out of his shell.He isn’t as brave as the other two but will happily sit and be stroked especially if you have food for him.

All three kittens visited the vets last Saturday who gave them a full health check. They’ll be vaccinated and microchipped before going to their new homes.

We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum adoption donation of £60 for a kitten.

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