It’s a proud and emotional moment to be announcing the adoption advert for our Jack.   Scroll down the stories on our blog and you’ll understand why.  We honestly thought we’d never be able to help him, and then that the most we could do was to trap, neuter and return him to the allotments where he’d been living rough for several years.  The change in him has completely blown our mind.  Once he was indoors and realised he was safe and loved, he’s a completely different cat.  He’s cleaned himself up, his fur is white and silky, he happily wears a collar to show he’s no longer a grubby hobo.  He’s been astonishingly brave and gentle at the vets whilst we’ve been sorting him out.   It’s deeply tempting to invite him to be a permanent resident here … but we believe it would be best for him and our other residents for him to have a family of his own.

Jack has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and of course had flea and worm treatment.  To our delight and surprise his health check was fine despite his previous rough life.    Our vets have estimated him at age around 3/4 years.  Because he’d lived rough for quite a long while we were concerned he may have FIV but he’s been tested and the tests have come back clear (vets happy to provide confirmation of this if necessary).

He’s soooo set his heart on having a family of his own.  He’s not mixed with our resident cats so not entirely sure how he is with other cats – this is more about issues with our residents than with Jack.  He’s a complete gentle giant, and loves the young girl who comes round to help child proof our cats.   He absolutely loves his cuddles and can’t wait to be on a lap, hugging and head butting.  He’s tolerated treatment at the vets including then taking the blood sample from him neck with a single growl or scratch. We doubt he has any desire to return to being an outdoor cat, though it would be nice for him to have a safe garden to explore once he’s settled somewhere and ready to go out.

We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum donation of £70 to adopt an adult cat.  There’s more about our adoption process here: http://www.8livescatrescue.org/adoption-process.html

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