This ad is being written with huge regret and only after a lot of soul searching. Our beloved Mog needs a new home, she’s a lovely, sweet, affectionate cat but … um …. she doesn’t like cats ….. so a cat rescue is not the place for her to be living.

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Regular readers of this blog and the accidental fosterer blog before it, will know a little of her story, and the worry and dilemmas she has caused. She came here in October 2010 when she was about a year old, having lived in a garden over the summer. She settled in quickly and was ok with some of the other cats in foster care. Sadly, as our family grew, the amount of time Mog spent over at the allotments also grew …. to the point that she’s been over there most of the spring, summer and autumn this year. She’s such a love that she’s got everyone over there wrapped round her little finger and they’ve cared for her and fussed her, and fed her till she looks like six dinner Sid.

Unfortunately now the veggies are harvested her staff are spending less time over there, and its hard to find daylight hours to be able to visit her. On a visit the other week I was horrified to see that something – a fox, badger or maybe another cat – had bitten her face. I grabbed her, and brought her home via the vets. Her face now healed and fine, but she’s getting fed up in the spare bedroom. Various attempts have been made to re introduce her to the other residents, however although she can get along ok with the boys, the other girls are a bit … well …. a bit catty really … and she’s easily intimidated.

Sadly the people she’s befriended at the allotments are unable to take her home with them – they either already have cats and/or dogs, or they’re not able to have pets where they live.

So Mog: aged about 4, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, and in good health. She’d love a home where there were no other cats, or maybe a home with one or two cats who were happy to keep themselves to themselves and not hassle her. She’ll need to be able to go out once she’s settled and ideally have a safe garden to explore. If there’s a suitable home I’d be happy for her to go on a foster care basis initially so we could be sure she’d settle before taking the step of adoption. Any possible homes will be home checked, adoption donation to be agreed.

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