Mr Puddy

puddy portrait
Lovely old Mr Puddy came into rescue along with Jasper.   They’d been living as strays/abandoned cats for over a year – sheltering in someone’s shed and fed by a kindly neighbour. It was a hard life for poor Puddy – his fur was matted, his teeth were bad and his mouth was sore so he’d lost a lot of weight.  We believe he’s approximately 12 years old.
puddy photo shoot1
He’s had most of his teeth removed now, and the remaining ones scaled and polished, so now he’s eating well, even dry food …. and especially Dreamies.   He’s quite a tall, long bodied cat and it was lovely to see him start to fill out a bit.
He’s neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  In the process of trying to establish why he was so underweight when he arrived he’s had various blood tests including FIV/FeLV and no health issues were found other than poorly teeth.
He got on ok with Jasper whom he lived rough with and then shared a rescue room with, and with the resident cats here, but has been unhappy if we have rescue kittens around and has taken a dislike to a neighbour’s cat … whom to be fair, the resident cats say is a bit of a nuisance.    Which unfortunately makes a little more tricky to predict whether he’d be ok living with other cats.
He’ll need to stay indoors until he’s settle but after that might enjoy pottering around in a safe garden.  We always very strongly recommend that cats be kept indoors during hours of darkness and especially overnight.
We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum donation of £60 to adopt an older cat.   You’ll find more info about our adoption process here:  and more photos and stories about Puddy here: and here:

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