Knut came to us, along with his (? mother) Kitty, when their family moved out and abandoned them.   Whilst initially a wee bit shy, Knut very quickly settled into loving fusses and cuddles.

knut settling in3
He’s been health checked, chipped and started his vaccinations today.  No health issues found.   Our vets estimate that he’s about 9 months old.

knut settling in5

Knut has been used to living with other cats, and would be happy to have a home with Kitty.   He’d very likely settle happily with other cats too once the initial hissy phase was done with.  Hhe should be fine with children who treat animals with care and respect.  We don’t know what his experience of dogs has been so can’t comment on that.

knut settling in6
He will need to stay indoor for a few weeks until he’s settled in his new home.  After that it would be nice for Knut to have a safe garden to explore.   We do sttrongly recommend that cats are kept indoors overnight though for their own safety.

knut settling in4
We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £75 for a neutered kitten   There’s more about our adoption process here:  and you’ll probably find more photos and stories about Knut here:   and here:

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