B Team kittens

Betty’s kittens were born on 16 May.   They won’t be ready to go to their new homes until they are 10-12 weeks old, but are now available to be reserved.    Betty has been a great mum to them, and they’re healthy happy confident little kits who love to play and to snuggle on my lap.

B tream at 5 weeks1

They’ll all be vaccinated and microchipped prior to going to their new homes.  They will need to stay indoors until they are at least 6 months old and have been neutered.  After that it would be nice for them to have a safe garden to explore.  We’d like them to go in pairs, or to homes where there is an older friendly cat, or to a home where someone is at home pretty much all day.   We are very aware that people often want ginger kits, and reject black and white and black kits.  Enquiries from people who can see beyond fur colour are appreciated.

Update 5 July: Buzz & Button are now reserved

We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £60 for a kitten.   You’ll find more about our adoption process here: http://www.8livescatrescue.org/adoption-process.html  and more photos and stories about the kittens here: https://8livescatrescue.wordpress.com/ and here: https://www.facebook.com/8Lives


b team cuddle

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