Poor Bosca currently holds the record for having the longest stay in rescue with us, having been here since May 2014. Sadly her good nature and easy-going-ness have worked against her a bit with this, and unfortunately her colour also seems to go against her, despite her being very pretty.


Bosca was born January 2013 and came into rescue when her human, who had had her from being a kitten, had to leave the country and was unable to take her. She’d clearly been very well cared for and loved.


Despite having been an indoor cat and an “only cat” prior to coming into rescue, she adapted amazingly well to being with other cats, using the cat flap and spending time outdoors. She’s loved being outside in the summer but rarely goes far from the house and (usually) comes when called.

bosca cc2

However, recently she’s become a bit subdued. Having been used to having lots of cuddles and fuss, the permanent resident cats here tend to push her out and she doesn’t get the attention she’d love. Now the weather is getting cooler and she’s spending more time in the house, the difficulties in sharing her space with 5 other bonded cats is becoming clear, and she needs her own home.


Bosca is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flead and wormed and just waiting to pack her suitcase. She’d share happily with a few other friendly cats and has had some experience of children.

If you think Bosca might fit into your family please email us at We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £70 for an adult cat. Our full adoption process is here:

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