Meg just scraped into rescue with a couple of days to spare before she had her kittens. She was quite hissy and growly when she first arrived, not surprising really when she’d struggled through most of her pregnancy living rough. Once she realised she was safe and being taken care of she’s settled into a lovely affectionate cat


Her kittens were born on 13 August and Meg has been a lovely mum to them.  They’ve all now either gone to their new homes or are reserved to go to new homes in the next couple of weeks (31 October), so Meg is hoping to start making a new life for herself in a forever home.  She’s been spayed, microchipped and is part way through her vaccinations.

It’s difficult to say how she’d cope with living with other cats or dogs. As she’s been pregnant or nursing all the time she’s been in rescue she’s had a room on her own. The kind lady who saw Meg in her garden and realised she was in difficulties had a number of cats and Meg was fairly ok with them – obviously this was an awkward situation since she was very pregnant and a new comer into an established group of cats.  Since her kittens have starting leaving for their new homes, Meg has begun mixing with the resident cats here and is making a promising start for getting along with them.

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I’m confident she’ll make someone a lovely and loving companion.

We always home check prior to adoption and a minumum donation of £70 will be required. If you think you could give Meg the loving home that she needs please email us at

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