Poor little Maya has had a horrendous life so far.  She arrived with us having lived as a stray in a shed for several months, tiny, heavily pregnant, poorly ……… and terrified.    Despite our vets valiant efforts to treat her and save the babies, she miscarried and her kittens did not survive.   Thankfully Maya has gone on to make a full recovery, nothing awful behind the immediate illness, just years of neglect and most likely producing litter after litter of kittens that her body was just unable to support.

maya before in rescue

before she came into rescue

She’s very very timid, I dread to imagine what’s happened to her in her little life to make her so afraid of humans.   Yet there’s a sense of a very sweet little cat not knowing quite how to make friends.   We’ve slowly progressed from hiding completely, to coming out for tuna treats, and to play.  Stroking is still pretty much off limits, so she needs a home where not a lot is required back from her right now.


We’ve put an age of 10 on her because this site requires an age.  Age is mainly told by teeth ….. and this poor girl has only one tooth left in her head.   Whether that’s a sign of age or serious neglect /multiple pregnancies is questionable.   In many ways she seems much younger …… she loves to play, and somewhat counter to what you might expect with a timid cat, loves noisy toys .. heavy balls rolling around her track are almost irresistable …… but then so are feathers …… wow ….. anything with feathers!

cc maya 3

noisy toys

Maya has been spayed and microchipped, and will be vaccinated before adoption.   She’s got a clean bill of health now, plus a negative FIV/FELV blood test result.

She’d be ideally suited to a quiet home where people could allow her to be herself and grow her confidence at her own pace.   Once she’s settled it would be good for her to have a safe garden to explore.
We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask an adoption donation.   There’s more about our adoption process here:  and you’ll find more photos and stories about Maya here:   and here:


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