Nala had the misfortune of finding herself stray, young and pregnant. She managed to persuade a kind family to take her in and she had her kittens under the little boy’s bed. For the first 5 weeks of her kittens’ lives she brought them up in this busy household with children and dogs. After that they were able to come into rescue.

Nala = Crystal

She’s a sweet little girl, around a year – 18 months old, protective of her kittens but very friendly with humans and has made a fuss of everyone who has visited. She’s being a lovely mummy but is starting to think about her future and what kind of life she wants when the kits have flown the nest. We think she maybe lived in a large multi cat household prior to being stray. The lady who took her in thinks that she’s from a house where the owner had many cats, but then sadly died. It’s difficult to asses how she is with other cats when she has kittens because like all mums she’s very protective and dislikes other cats coming near her and her babies. However she’s lived with dogs and children when she had her kits. She’d like to have access to the outdoors because that’s what she’s been used to, but would prefer to have a safe garden and to be at home at night.

Since arriving in rescue Nala has been spayed. She will also be microchiped and vaccinated prior to going to her new home. It will be a few weeks until she’s ready – early-mid August – as we’d like her kits to be 10-12 weeks old before she leaves them. However, once some one reserves her they will be very welcome / encouraged to visit often to get to know her before she moves to her new home.

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We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum adoption donation of £70 so that we have some funds available to help the next cat who comes along. You can find our full adoption process here: and find some more pictures of Nala here:

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