Xin came to us when her kittens were about 2 weeks old.   It was  her third litter of kittens and her family were fed up of her getting pregnant!   Poor little mite …… still not much more than a kitten and already her on third litter.  ….. she’s so slender its hard to imagine how she fitted 4 little ones inside her tummy.
UPDATE 28 August; Xin is now reserved for adoption
She’s a beautiful, sleek, shiny, oriental looking cat.  She’s making no claims to be pedigree but her great aunty (or someone) must have been Siamese to have these looks and voice.  Xin is a confident, friendly cat who enjoys a fuss.  She’s getting fed up of her kittens (exactly 9 weeks old at the time of writing) and at the same time fiercely protective of them …. so she’s not getting on great with other cats at the moment.  It could change once she’s not got her kittens with her and she’s been spayed (booked for Wed 27 July).   I understand she lived happily with a dog and children in her previous home.
xin long and thin
Xin has been healthchecked and started her vaccinations.   She’ll be spayed and chipped on 27 July and then good to go to her new home.She’ll need to stay indoors initially in her new home, but after that would like a safe garden to explore. We always recommend that cats be kept indoors overnight though.XIN WITH KITTENS1
We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £70 for a neutered adult cat. There’s more about our adoption process here: and you’ll probably find more photos and stories about Xin here: and here:

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