Tyga & Belle

Belle & Tyga came into rescue last weekend.  They’d been living with a young woman who was no longer able to give them the time and care they needed.  Initially they were both very shy but as the days have gone by there has been a visible improvement in each of them each day.   Tyga is the more confident ….. she’s moved from hissing and hiding to having belly rubs.  Belle is more shy and hid for a few days but is now happily coming out to play and will take chicken from my hands and accept being stroked.

They’ve seen our vet for health checks and no issues found.  They’ve been spayed and microchipped and have started their vaccinations.

Although not sisters they’ve been together since being young kittens (they’re now about 3 years old) and need to go to a new home together.  Due to circumstances they’ve been indoor cats … initially living in an upstairs flat and then close to a very busy road.  As they’ve never been outdoors and are a little shy they’d probably be quite happy to continue to be outdoor cats.  Then again, if you have a safe garden to explore they could enjoy starting to explore that once settled.

Either way, they’ll need to stay indoors for a good few weeks until they’re settled, and ideally be kept indoors overnight for the rest of their lives as this is the time when most accidents seem to happen.

They’ll ideally find a home with experienced cat slaves, or people with plenty of patience, who can help them through their initial anxieties settling in.   A reasonably quiet home may be best.

We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum donation of £75 for each adult neutered cat.. There’s more about our adoption process here: http://www.8livescatrescue.org/adoption-process.html and you’ll find some more photos and stories about them (and our other cats) on our blog: https://8livescatrescue.wordpress.com/ and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/8Lives/

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