Foster Carers Needed

We’re currently looking to recruit a few foster carers to join our 8 Lives family.    As a small rescue we’ve cared for 98% of our cats in our own home.   However as our funds become a bit more buoyant and the need for cats to come into rescue grows and grows … we’re looking for a few committed people to offer some space and love in their homes for cats who otherwise may not survive the circumstances they find themselves in.

Apart from it simply increasing our capacity for the number of cats we can care for, there are some situations where that bit of individual extra care in a foster home:

Older cats often wait months in rescue for a purrmanent home and it makes a huge difference if they can spend it living in a home, getting the attention and cuddles they crave, rather than sitting alone in a room here with all basic care needs but limited snuggle time.  Cloe had 10 months of foster cuddles before finding her purrfect home.

Cloe loving her foster home


Timid cats also wait some time for adoption, and the 1:1 attention of a foster carer can help bring them on with their confidence in leaps and bounds.   Paul’s life was completely transformed by foster care.   Having lived rough for years he was terrified when he arrived in rescue.  His foster carers helped him turn his life around completely.


Cats with health issues and specific diets need space of their own to recover enough to be advertised for adoption. Little Rowan and his sister Rolo were both very timid, and to make it worse Rowan had a very sensitive tummy.  Foster care where they can have extra attention and no access to food they shouldn’t be eating has made the world of difference.


There are cats of all ages and abilities who fall on hard times, almost never of their own making, who need a safe place to stay while they get their lives sorted out.

What we ask of foster carers:
A secure room separate from other pets and away from external doors
Cats to be kept safely indoors through foster placement
Feed, clean, play with, cuddle, observe the cat/s
Communicate with rescue and send updates and photos
Take cat/s to Millhouses Vets4Pets as agreed for appointments
Welcome potential adopters coming to meet the cat/s.  [Potential adopters will have been homechecked by rescue prior to any visits]

What we offer:
Any equipment needed …. litter trays, food bowls, beds, toys.
Food and cat litter
Vet costs including routine flea and worm treatment
Support/ advice with any health/behaviour issues
Advertising cat for adoption, homecheck of any potential adopters.
All adoption paperwork and transfer of cat to new home.
The opportunity to be awesome and make a real difference to lives that were going off the rails.

Don’t just take our word for it … here’s the experience of one lovely foster family in their own words:

Having adopted a cat from 8 Lives a few months previously we kept up to date of other cats’ comings and goings via Facebook.  It was there that we read the story of one poor soul – so lucky to have been rescued by 8 Lives but desperately scared, anxious and withdrawn.  After a few weeks it became apparent that he needed a bit more time to help him come out of his shell and, at the very least, work out what sort of home would best suit him.  With kittens arriving at 8 Lives, that’s when we saw the message on Facebook asking for a foster family.

We could offer a spare room, safety, patience and most of all some time to spend with him.  Our teenage daughters joined in the challenge of making him feel settled.  Early days were slow with him hiding behind furniture and scurrying away when we walked in the room.  Over a few days and with some gentle coaxing he gradually started to come out for treats from us, then he started to eat food in front of us.  Still very anxious and wary, sometimes it was just a case of sitting in the same room watching television or reciting poems and Shakespeare in preparation for exams!  Clearly every cat is different but once he started feeling safe and trusting us he flourished.

We found we didn’t really need to adapt our routines or home-life when fostering – it was more about offering what everyday life is about: hearing noises, seeing people and learning to trust.  8 Lives is always there for help and information, and we felt very supported.  The reward you get is knowing that you are helping to bring out a cat’s true personality enabling 8 Lives to make the right choice of a forever home for them.  Alongside your foster cat getting the attention they need (and deserve) it also frees up space at 8 Lives to help some other desperate kitty.

We’d never fostered before but as a family we have shared the satisfaction of knowing we have helped improve a kitty’s future and have found the experience genuinely fulfilling, and we think others will too!!


8 Lives are based in Sheffield S8 and are seeking foster carers within local post code areas: S2, 7, 8, 11 & 17.  Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to be able to support foster carers who live further away.  However if you’re interested in fostering and are not in this area please check out other rescues who will be pleased to have more help.

If you’d like to foster for 8 Lives please contact us at



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