Felix & Fritz

Felix and Fritz came to us at about 6 weeks old – very sweet but also  scared.   They’ve come a long way since then. They’d clearly not been handled much as they were growing up. We think they were probably the result of someone’s attempt to make money out of breeding their cats. They’d been sold to a vulnerable adult for a bigger price than we ask for adoption donation but were still full of fleas and worms and had had no vet care. The person was unable to manage them and took the responsible decision to ask for rescue help.


These lads have gradually grown in confidence whilst here. They’re shy of hands coming towards them but once they’re being stroked they purr loudly and clearly enjoy contact. They’re curious and love to play. I’m confident that with time and patience they’ll settle into being loving cats. [Update … 6 Dec … this is very clearly proving to be true.  They now approach me purring loudly, love to be stroked, snuggle on laps, cuddle up to me in bed.  They’re getting more confident as hands approach them and don’t run away.   They are still skittish if trying to catch or give meds to, and are wary of new people]

The worms and fleas they arrived with have been dealt with, and they’ve been vaccinated and microchipped.  They have also now been neutered.  They’ll need to stay indoors for a good few weeks when they go to their new home, but after that I’m sure they’ll enjoy having a safe garden to explore.  However they should be kept in overnight for their own safety and your peace of mind.

As they’re nervous they’d probably be best suited to an adult only home with some experience of cats and the love and patience to help them settle.  We’d be also consider homes with kids who are mature enough to understand their needs. They’ve been fine with the other cats here so could be happy with reasonably friendly resident cats.

We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum donation of £80 for each kitten. There’s more about our adoption process here: http://www.8livescatrescue.org/adoption-process.html and you’ll find some more photos and stories about them (and our other cats) on our blog: https://8livescatrescue.wordpress.com/ and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/8Lives/

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