Jenny came to 8Lives with her son Jak when their 90+ year old human was sadly no longer able to live independently and unable to continue looking after them.   It seems that although he cared well for their basic needs, the cats were not handled much as both were terrified when they arrived in rescue.

jen 17 nov5

Fortunately Jen seems to have remembered that stroking can be good and now she’s re found her confidence is a loving, snuggly cat.   She’s spayed and will be vaccinated before going to her new home.  We think she’d been used to being able to go out so ideally she’d like a safe garden to explore once she’s settled in to her new home.

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Absolutely ideally she’d like a home where she can take Jak along with her and keep an eye on him.   They’re quite close and are often found snuggled up together in the same basket.   However we’re aware that with Jak having special needs it might not be possible for them to go to a new home together.


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