Winnie came into rescue at about 8 weeks of age, along with her mum and two sisters. She’s the confident one of this little family. Whilst all the others were standing back hissing, Winnie came out purring and ready for a cuddle. She’s very snuggly with people she knows but more timid with strangers. Once she gets to know you that will quickly change.

winnie november

She’s due to be microchipped and complete her vaccinations on New Year’s Eve, so she’ll be ready to go to a new home shortly after that.

Winnie is currently about 12 weeks old, and she’ll need to be spayed at around 5-6 months old, and need to stay indoors until at least 6 months old. After that she’d enjoy a safe garden to explore and run off her kitten energy in, though we do strongly recommend that you keep your cats indorrs at night. .


We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption donation of £60 for each kitten. There’s more about our adoption process here:

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