Ariel & Aoife

Arwen’s kittens were born on 20 March 2014, and are now available to be reserved for adoption when they are 12 weeks old.

arwen with new born kits

arwen with new born kits

[UPDATE 10 May: Ariel & Aoife are now reserved – Albert & Aslan are still waiting for that special someone]

There is one little girl – Aoife, and three boys – Albert, Aslan and Ariel. They’re all confident, happy and healthy kits who have been used to meeting new people, including children and other cats. They will be health checked, micro chipped, vaccinated and up to date with wormers by the time they go to new homes. It is part of the adoption agreement that you will have your kitten neutered as soon as s/he is old enough. Until they are neutered and are at least 6 months old they will need to be kept indoors. After that they would like a safe garden to explore.

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We would prefer that the kits went in pairs, or went to a home where there is a friendly resident cat/s.

Home check and minimum donation of £60 is required to adopt a kitten – so that we are able to help the next cat who comes into rescue. If you’re interested in adopting please contact us at


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One thought on “Ariel & Aoife

  1. Katie Parish

    Hi there I am interested in adopting aslan but would have to adopt him on his own as I already have other cats and would love another one. If you could get back to me about arranging an adoption that would be great.
    I live in the S8 area of sheffield on a culdisac so when old enough aslan would be safe to go out. All my cats currently are upto date with their vaccins, flea and worm treatment and all are neutered
    Thanks katie


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