Pixi & Pudsey

pixi & pudsey in their basket3

Pixi and Pudsey came into rescue when they were about 5 weeks old (they’re now about 9 weeks).    They’re playful, quite confident kits, living alongside our adult resident cats who have been teaching them a few things that ideally they would have learned from their mum if they’d had longer with her – such as how to use the litter tray, how to wash themselves properly, when to stop playing with an adult cats’ tail.   They’ve pretty much got the hang of washing now, and manage the litter tray 90% of the time (there’s still a few near misses).   They’ve had a few cuffs round the ear when they’ve been slow to learn not to play with a sleeping adult cat’s tail!

They had their health checks this morning and all was well, so they’ve started their vaccinations and had their microchips done.  They’ll be ready to go off to their new home in a couple of weeks.

Pudsey & Pxi need to go to their new home together.  They may be happy in a home with older friendly pets.    We don’t normally rehome kittens to families with children under the age of 5 as little ones (feline and human) can be a bit clumsy and giddy and end up hurting each other.

The kittens will need to be neutered by the age of 6 months old (vets vary over what age they do this) and will need to stay indoors until at least 6 months old and neutered.  After that we strongly recommend they be kept indoors at night time, but during the day will enjoy a safe garden to play around in.

pixi & pudsey sleeping1
We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum donation of £60 for each kitten, so that we continue to have funds to help the next needy cats who come to us.  There’s more about our adoption process here: http://www.8livescatrescue.org/adoption-process.html  and you’ll find some more photos and stories about them (and our other cats) on our blog: https://8livescatrescue.wordpress.com/  and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/8Lives/

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