Poor old Snowy’s world started to fall apart in September this year when his elderly human was taken into hospital. The remaining fragments of it shattered a few weeks ago when he learned she would not be able to return home. Although family members were visiting to feed him he took himself off to live in the greenhouse, alone in his grief.

snowy before coming into rescue

Thankfully he managed to find a place in rescue and we’ve persuaded him that there’s hope of a new start and cuddles in his retirement years.

He’s a lovely snuggly lad … who has been enjoying being groomed and fussed and is gradually getting his coat back to its former glory.   It’s taken a while to get any decent photos of him because he’s been too busy wanting cuddles and to head butt the camera.

cc snowy 2


Snowy has been used to a quiet home with a retired person, so would fit well into a similar situation. He could equally fit into a home with younger people who had time to fuss and cuddle him. He’s not been used to living with other pets so we’re not sure how he’d cope with step brothers and sisters.

He’s been neutered, microchipped and has started his vaccinations.  He had a full dental a couple of weeks ago, 9 teeth extracted and the rest cleaned and polished so hopefully no more dental charges for a while.   We don’t routinely have blood tests done on older cats, but because he needed the op on his teeth they ran pre op tests, so we know that his liver and kidneys are currently working well.   He’s been a really good boy with all the examinations and treatment, he seems to enjoy the fuss and attention he gets at the vets.

cc snowy 1

Snowy has been used to being able to go outside at times so would probably enjoy still having the chance to potter around a safe garden. He might also be very happy to consider an indoor home where he could be cuddled and pampered.


We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum adoption fee to help us cover the needs of the next cat who needs to come into rescue. There’s more about our adoption process here: and you’ll find more about us here: and here:

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