“Gratitude” and “Cat” are words seldom seen together in the same sentence.   Dorothy however gives all the appearance of actually being grateful for having been rescued.    [Fans of our lovely Dave might recognise a family likeness ….. that little heart shaped nose ….. we heard from his mum and sisters the other day and they both have it …… now we find his great aunt Dorothy also has it 🙂 ]



Dorothy came to us having lived rough for a couple of years or so on the same site that Dave came from, with various kindly people feeding her.  She’d had a bit of a rough journey as she came via the vets (to be spayed and have some teeth out), collapsed on her new bedroom floor and had a bit of a panic attack.  Then within a few minutes she seemed to realise that all was going to be well and started purring and snuggling and podding.  She’s been scrumptiously affectionate ever since.


Dorothy would be perfect for someone who wants to snuggle on the sofa with a cat, maybe a retired person?  Equally, she’s very amenable and could most likely slot herself into any family who loved her.  She appears to be very grateful to be indoors and dry and warm at last …. but once the nice weather comes she’ll most likely enjoy having a safe garden to potter around in a bit.


As we said above, Dorothy has been spayed and will be vaccinated and microchipped before leaving rescue.   We can only really guess at her age – Vets rely largely on cat’s teeth to estimate age – and sadly Dorothy has very few left.  This could suggest that she’s older than the guesstimated 6 years old, equally she could be younger and the state of her teeth simply reflect the rough life she’s had so far.  She has however had a full dental and teeth which were troubling her have been removed.  This doesn’t affect her appetite or ability to eat at all 🙂



We always homecheck prior to adoption and ask a minimum donation of £70 to adopt an adult cat.   There’s more about our adoption process here:  and more about Dorothy here: and here:


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