Molly Mable

Poor Molly Mable has had a horrid time recently.   She’d lived with her human from being a kitten, and then Molly’s worst nightmare happened …  her mum died.   She was so upset she went and hid inside the base of mum’s bed, only being discovered a week later when the family were clearing out the house.

We went to collect her, anticipating a very traumatised cat … but once in our care she’s been very loving and purry.    She seems quite lost and a little confused by it all, but very ready to purr and respond to love.
CC molly mable
Molly has been to our vets, and re started her vaccinations as they’d lapsed.  She’s also had several sore teeth extracted which has made her a lot more comfortable.  In the course of having her dental op she’s had bloods done which indicate that her kidney and liver functions are currently fine.  She’d been spayed as a kitten, and has now been mircohipped.

She’s doing her best to be optimistic about re starting her life at this age (12) . We understand that although she’s lived with an elderly person she’s been used to grandchildren visiting, so may be happy in a family with children.  She’s also been fine with the other cats around the rescue, though previously she’s been an only cat.   We don’t have any information about whehter she’s been used to dogs.

molly mable arrives1

She’ll obviously need to stay indoors for a few weeks once she’s in her new home, and we always strongly recommend that cats stay indoors during the night, but she’s been used to having a garden to potter around in in the day time, so she’d like that.  She’d also be happy to consider a loving indoor home.


We always homecheck prior to adoption, and ask a minimum donation of £60 for a senior cat, so that we continue to have funds to help the next needy cats who come to us.  There’s more about our adoption process here:  and you’ll find some more photos and stories about Molly (and our other cats) on our blog:  and facebook page:

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