Inky & Indie – available mid to late October

These two little boys came into rescue having been picked up wandering at the side of the road, age 4 weeks!   They were able to eat a little solid food at the time but have been partially hand reared.  They’re very friendly, playful little boys who after all they’ve been through need to go to a new home together.  They’re currently about 7 weeks so will be ready to go to their new home around mid to end of October.

cc inky & indie

Inky & Indie have been wormed and fleaed and will be vaccinated and chipped before going to their new homes.   They’ll need to be neutered by 6 months old at the latest, and of course kept indoors at least until that age.  After that they’d like a safe garden they can explore.  It’s part of our adoption agreement that the explorings stop once it goes dark and they’re kept indoors at night time.

indie & inky eating with Sooty2

The boys have been used to having rather awkward adult cats around, so if you have reasonably friendly older cats they should be able to get on fine with them.  They may also be ok with friendly, cat-aware dogs, though to our knowledge haven’t come into contact with dogs so far.  They’re friendly little lads, but like all kittens have rather clumsy sharp bits so only suitable for homes with children over about 7.

We always homecheck prior to adoption and as a minimum adoption donation of £60 per kitten so that we have the funds to help the next little ones who come along.  You’ll find more photos of them here on this blog and on our facebook page:

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