post code lottery – FAIL

So much for just dealing with S8 cats!   Young Jake who came in on Wednesday  fits the criteria, however Meg, who arrived yesterday evening was pushing the boundary a bit with an NG5 post code.   Nevertheless, she was in a bit of a delicate condition …. and we had some space.



In cat rescue you come across some of the most heartless, uncaring people you could imagine.   However, the lady who was caring for Meg and the couple who took Jake in are suuuuuch an antidote to them.  It’s a joy to meet people like these.    In both cases people had spotted a hungry and distressed cat in their garden and done their absolute best for them.    Jake’s ‘finders’ were new to the realisation of how many cats were in a similar mess, and had phoned over 20 rescues in an effort to get the rescue place for him.   They packed him off with a few tears, some food, a blanket he’d been using and a fair bit of pocket money.   Meg’s ‘finder’ knew the score, having taken in strays for decades.   Another lovely lovely lady.   She’d initially thought Meg was a tom cat with a pot belly from having worms.  She’d  taken care of ‘him’ and fed and wormed ‘him’ and then realised that ‘he’ was actually a pregnant lady.   The generosity of some people is amazing – Meg  had a serious dowry to bring with her.

It looked like it could be a tricky journey …. one to add to the all time worst  car journeys with cats (there’s another blog post in that one).   Meg went into the carrier ok but panicked when we got out on the pavement, frantic in the basket and sprayed on the pavement.   Thankfully once she was in the car and had her seat belt on she settled down.   We chatted a little on the journey but mostly she sat back and watched the road go by,  She’s now settling in to the nursery.

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