As a very new and not at all well known rescue we’re feeling very fortunate and grateful for all the things we’ve been offered recently. Scratch posts, beds, bedding, food and treats. Can’t quite believe our luck.

So thank you to:

Tasha, Renzo and Morris for a shed load of food (and cup cakes) .. and their ongoing support and friendship
‘LillyDeMorte’ for a fun scratch post and little house/cat bed …. and some fascinating info about keeping spiders as pets

jango in bed that's too small

‘Sand_dollars’ for offer of another bed
Meers Cattery for a load of beds and comfy fleeces … and so much more that I can’t start to list

amber in lots of baskets
Anthony for another great scratch post
Marie for food and treats (and chocs and flowers) …. and support in setting up 8Lives
flowers from marie
Amber for designing our lovely 8Lives logo …. and thanks in advance for your help with 8Lives
‘Gingers’ for lots of lovely food, including upset tummy food .. which is bound to be needed sometime soon. And for the reminder that she was the person who fostered Lucy, who then became my Mog, the first foster cat I had and the start of the steady decline in cat rescue.
Keith and Jude for following up on Jake and bringing him food
Stuart and family for providing food for blacken
Diane for giving food, treats, and an impressive dowry for Meg
Millhouses vets4pets for offering us good prices for vaccinations / consultations / neutering
Sue and Danny, and Margaret, and Christine for looking after Mog on the allotments
mog allot1
Ceri at Sheffield council allotments for letting me have a key to access the allotments and feed Mog (just in case her other fall back arrangements don’t work) and find other cats who need care.

Thank you everyone! If I’ve forgotten anyone I do apologise.

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