a rather special young man

Whilst cruising on facebook late on Sunday evening, I noticed a post from a good friend of mine who does a lot for cat rescue, asking if anyone had a space for a kitten.   It feels impossible to take another adult into rescue at the moment because of the situation with Mog, however I think we can always squeeze a kitten in.  So it was that after we’d dropped Bramble off at the vet for spaying, and before we took Leo to his new home, I went up to collect this little bit of smelly fluff.  My friend had been about to go to bed on Sunday when she heard a cry at the door, opened it and found little Stinky, soaking wet and ravenous on her doorstep.   He spent the night in her bathroom, not a bad place for him really, given the state he was in: living rough, being very young, having long fur and an upset tum are just not a good combination.

fresh out the bath .. and still purring

fresh out the bath .. and still purring

We put him in the wash basin, and to our amazement, once we’d explained to him what we were going to do and why, he sat and purred whilst we bathed his back end.   I say “he” only with the knowledge of hindsight, at the time he was so matted and mucky back there it was difficult to tell.  He also bravely endured having to go in a crate when he first arrived here.   He’s a sweet and good natured young man in spite of all he’s been through.  He’s not chipped and no one appears to be looking for him.  We suspect he may have been roughing it for some time.

settling in .. our 100th cat

settling in .. our 100th cat

Not only is he special because he’s him and adorable, he has the dubious honour of being the 100th cat I’ve taken in since my Midgecat died in September 2010.


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