happy new homes

We’ve been really lucky since Xmas and seen Jak & Jenny, then Leo, Bramble and finally Woody off to their new homes.   It’s been wonderful to meet so many lovely humans who are ready to offer homes to our gorgeous cats.

Jak & Jenny have been in their new home about 4 weeks now and are coming on amazingly well.   I remember the screaming hissing bundles of fur swinging on the end of a catch pole when I went to collect them only about 12 weeks ago.   Now their entire lives are turned around.  Jenny is enjoying cuddling on her mum’s knee, whilst Jak follows his dad around the house and will sit by his feet to sleep.   I’m in awe of the couple who were willing to give them a chance, and who have made it work.

Leo was a different story.   After half an hour of nerves when he first arrived here he was every body’s friend.   He had a queue of admirers interested in adopting him and was able to take his pick.   He’s gone to a home with other cats and dogs which is just perfect for him – he’s confident, full of fun and just longing to make friends with everyone.

leo with one of his new doggy friends

leo with one of his new doggy friends


Bramble would have hated Leo’s new home, she really didn’t like the idea of sharing her  house with other animals.   When she arrived in her new place she carefully checked it over and realised  to her delight that no other furries lived there.  Then she settled herself on the sofa.  Gaining in confidence every day as she has the undivided attention of her new mum and small person.

Young Woody’s life also turned around very quickly.  Within a couple of weeks of being found wet and ravenous and filthy on someone’s doorstep, he was chilling in his new  home doted on by a lovely new dad.  By the time I left him he was sprawled on the sofa watching TV.  I got photos hours later of him settled on dad’s lap.


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