Congratulations Arwen!

We’re trying hard to not let the nightmare of Chi and her babies cloud Arwen’s joy.  It was scary though on Wednesday night when Arwen started to show signs that her little ones were due any time now.  It felt like a re run of the previous week when it had been Wednesday night that Chi was looking ready to have hers.   We’d built a nest together, from the boxes that we got a food donation in a couple of weeks earlier.  Arwen had then lost interest in it, but suddenly it seemed as though it was her most important possession.

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On Thursday afternoon I dashed home straight after my last patient, bringing all the paperwork home with me, I just needed to know Arwen was ok and not in the state I found Chi in when I got home from work last Thursday.  Went into her room and she was just fine, no sign of kittens.  Fed her and came back downstairs to start on paperwork.  When I went up an hour or so later, she didn’t run to the door as usual, so I knew something was happening.  Arwen was in her box just finishing having her kits.  Not sure if it was unsettling or healing or both, that she had her kits almost exactly a week to the hour of Chi having hers.

arwen babes just born3

Thankfully this time though, all was well.   Gorgeous little ones, lively, feeding well, everyone happy.  Arwen is doing a wonderful job.  She puts my kitty parenting to shame.   All bathed, fed, burped and off to bed and not a baby wipe in sight!

arwen kits1 arwen kits3


Well done lovely girl!

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