congratulations … and celebrations

It’s been a good day here. It started with the birth of Lyra’s kittens.

lyra kts day one1

Before Chi we didn’t really worry too much about pregnancies – but now its quite a scary time for us … and our bank account. Thankfully they were all born ok and seem to be doing well. No wonder Lyra was eating to Olympic standard … there’s 5 of them! The only problem so far is that we’d come up with pretty little L names – Lily, Lilac, Lavender etc and I think now that they’re mainly boys – so it’s back to the drawing board on that one. Otherwise Lyra is being a lovely attentive mum and they’re just fine.

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You might think that 5 gorgeous kittens is enough good news for one day. However, there’s more. Morris’ mum and dad came to meet Mowgli this afternoon. Despite Mowgli being a bit anxious and hiding under the chair, he’s hooked himself a new home. Morris was also very nervous when they came to meet him nearly a year ago now … and he had an eye infection. A less attractive kit would be difficult to imagine. But they fell for him and he’s now spoiled rotten, full of confidence and generally ruling the roost.



Mowgli hid under the chair most of the time they were there, and ignored them and the toys they brought him. I think once they’d gone it sank in that they’d offered him a lovely new home away from my hissy spitty residents … and he started asking lots of questions, getting excited, and playing with his new toys.





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