Happy Anniversary?

We’ve been thinking about anniversaries just recently.   Thinking how it would be nice to have a proper anniversary date to celebrate the start of 8 Lives.    We were feeling sad that the start date is unclear as we just kind of gradually evolved.   Then the residents pointed out that uncertainty could be a good excuse to crack open the beer and catnip on not just one but several days every year.

my lads on the nip

my lads on the nip

We didn’t actually sign our constitution until 23 September last year, just one day off being 3 years to the day that my precious Midgecat died and catapulted me from being a one-cat-human to getting up to my neck in cat rescue. Here she is, my darling girl:

life was easier then

life was easier then

However we’d already started thinking of ourselves as 8 Lives in early August 2013 when we took in Bracken, discovered 20 minutes later that he was chipped, and were able to reunite him with his family whom he’d lost 5 years ago!

Bracken our first and shortest stay cat

Bracken our first and shortest stay cat

The first 8 Lives cat who actually made it home with us was Jake on 7 August. We’re delighted that he re-homed himself close by, continues to visit, and now sends his small human to child proof our kittens.


If we rewind a bit from that though, there was a fudgy period going right back to April where we were taking in cats who weren’t under the care of any other rescue. So that’s the anniversary we’re celebrating right now. Rocky came to us on 19 April, our first independent cat, followed closely by Morris on 24 April.





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