things change

We had a really stressy time a few weeks ago …. what with Sooty’s girlfriend and adoptions suddenly seeming to grind to a halt.  We had Sooty to try to keep indoors, the other residents determined that they should be allowed out, plus three rescue cats all of whom wanted their own room .    Breaking point came when the weather warmed up and the seasonally available third single room aka the conservatory became uninhabitable with the door closed as it was too warm.    Despite hours of lying awake thinking through permutations of doors open and closed and who has access to what, the number of different needs within the house simply did not compute.



Thankfully help arrived in the form of a lovely local foster family for Niki.   Her confidence has rocketed since she went into a cat free home, and she’s loved playing with the human kittens in her foster home.

Molly was made an offer she couldn’t refuse last weekend.   Another lovely cat free home, not far away, with a couple of servants on paw to pander to her every whim.  Go for it Molly!  You’ve had a tough time over recent months ….. claim that rug and the fire as your own.



As though that wasn’t good enough, Jack met some people last weekend and has called them back for a second interview as he’s hopeful that they may be able to offer him almost as many cuddles as he needs.

jack playing1

So we unexpectedly had space to offer for another poor soul who needed rescue.  Hard to describe the emotion of looking at a clean and empty bedroom, food (adult & kitten) stacked on the shelves …. just waiting …. wondering who may come next and what story will unfold in the coming weeks.

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