black and white …… and blue

We had a good run of adoptions in past weeks with lots of kittens and mums being adopted.

In some respects its quieter around here now .. . we don’t have the thunderous clatter of kittens playing football echoing down from their bedrooms.  [Why is it that kittens always sound like they’re wearing clogs?]    Although  visitors are often startled by the bangs and thuds as the little ones experiment with the law of gravity, I’ve pretty much learned to screen it out of consciousness.  It’s a happy sound of play and so long as there isn’t the sound of breaking glass or a large crash followed by an ominous silence, I just let them get on with it.

gang of rowdy kittens

gang of rowdy kittens

In other respects it isn’t quiet.  We have just two cats available for adoption at the moment …… both black and white, both adult and neither happy with the company of other cats.   The noise has changed from the happy playful clatter of delinquent kittens, to the sad and agitated lament of frustrated adults …. and that is much much harder to ignore.    Although they have all the necessary care they need,  and I spend what time I can with them for cuddles and play …….. it’s  limited …. and they cry out because they’re lonely and bored and unhappy at being cooped up in one room.

sad Puddy ..... waiting

sad Puddy ….. waiting

I can’t explain to them that its only temporary ….. though for poor old Mr Puddy temporary seems to be going on for a long long time.   I doubt that they can reason that they’re better off safe here than living rough on the streets ….. especially as they don’t understand that this isn’t going to be their life furever.

nellie trying to be patient

nellie trying to be patient

They’re both lovely cats …… with lots of love to give to someone who is able to look beyond the colour of their fur and the fact that they’re  no longer kittens.   They’re also, between them, taking up the whole of the rescue space we have here with their requests for single rooms 😉   Praying that they’ll both be able to celebrate Xmas in their furever homes.

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