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Now the bottle neck has eased, we’re settling into a phase of integrating older kittens.   I think its something about the time of year (though also about our limited capacity) but this time of year has often for us been about helping kittens for whom things haven’t worked out first time around.

So we started, as in our previous post, settling Holly  in with Rufus and our  other residents.  Somehow, somewhere, she’d survived birth and being weaned, only to end up lost and alone at about 8 weeks old.  Rufus, our lone hand rear kitten, was utterly delighted and overly excited to welcome her.  It’s a bit odd to think of our tiny baby as the “older kitten” but he’s her senior by almost half her life time.  He plays rough sometimes, but she runs back to him to play some more, and then they end up flopped in a heap together.

Rufus & Holly

Rufus & Holly

Humbug’s arrival was interesting, as well as being very hissy/growly. He’s not quite, but almost, twice as old as Rufus …. though he’s small for his age. It’s been fascinating to watch him find his place with Rufy and Holly.

first attempt to play together

first attempt to play together

He’s gradually making a relationship with each of them. Although he’s bigger, and rougher, they both chase after him to play some more. What I find really interesting is that although when he first arrived he gobbled his food almost before it hit the dish, and still does to some extent, he doesn’t fight the other cats for their food.

In the space of a week he’s gone from needing to be in a crate and covered over to calm him from hissing and growling ….. to just mixing in with the others.

so different from this now

so different now

Brilliant …. sorted …… except this Thursday … a week on from Humby’s arrival ……. Ivy and Robyn came into rescue. They’re a little younger than Humbug, but a bit bigger …. and hissy ….. at least Ivy is ….. Robyn would like to be friends I think. Their mum went into hospital and isn’t going to be able to care for them. Just like Humbug was when he arrived, they’re sweet, but freaked out.

Ivy & Robyn arrive

Ivy & Robyn arrive

Déja vu anyone?

Now its Humbug who is waiting to make friends and welcome them. Little Robyn is the most confident, snuggling on my lap and climbing up to the window to see Humbug.

humbug meets robyn

humbug meets robyn

Ivy is a loving little soul too ….. I’m sure of it …… she’s just going to take a few days longer to settle.


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