moving on up .. moving on out

After a seasonal few weeks in the doldrums we’re had a little flurry of adoptions.   Things often go quiet on the adoption front over the summer holidays, with many people waiting until holidays are over to adopt.

First to go were Samson and Cherrie, the crossover pair from the 3Cs and 3Ss.  It seemed a bit of an unlikely pair as Cherrie was the feistiest of the 6 kittens in terms of grabbing toys … and keeping them to herself! and Sam was … well …. dozy … like many tom cats.   They say though that opposites attract 🙂 and many is the time these two were flopped in a heap together or snuggled together on my lap.

They were pretty much true to character when they first arrived in their new home. Cherrie hopped out the carrier to climb on everything and explore, while Sam snoozed in the carrier. Eventually he emerged, only to crawl onto my lap and sleep some more. To be fair to him, this was a bit extreme, we’d got caught in football traffic on a hot day and he was feeling a bit icky when he arrived.

cherrie & samson settled

The curious thing though was that when we had an update a couple of weeks later, it appeared to be Sam who was the intrepid explorer … nothing fazed him, whilst Cherrie was more nervous around new things. As you can see they’re still very close though.

Next off were Silas & Summer. Having been a little in the shadow of the more bossy C Team (maybe because the Cs had their mummy with them still) it’s been lovely to see these two shine in their own space. They’ve also well and truly landed on their paws. They could hardly move for toys when they arrived at their new home. Between their own toys and the human kitten’s toys the floor was full! The really special amazing toy was one designed and created by their little human.

Check this out! It’s a house with a bed, a play tunnel on the roof and not one but two fish ponds complete with toys, in the front garden. How many stray kittens could even dream of getting a mortgage on a place like that!

If all that wasn’t enough …. they have bedtimes stories read to them. No wonder they look so pleased with themselves.

Caramel was the next to leave. She hopped out of her carrier, keen to explore. Once she’d checked every hidden corner for lurking kittens (and found none) she settled herself in the chair for a very well earned rest. She loves her new humans and the last we heard she was exploring the rest of the house. She’s not sent any photos as yet … maybe she needs a while to recover from this lot

Then it was Karis’ turn. Such a lovely kit and still grieving for her buddy Sparkle. She’s a confident affectionate kitten though and soon set about exploring her new home. It’s a fascinating place, with objects from all over the world, just waiting for Karis to knock them off the window sill. We had an anxious few minutes while her new mum went to make us a coffee and Karis spotted a fly. Thankfully I left without anything being broken .. but I did have to let myself out as Karis was asleep on mum’s lap … and couldn’t be disturbed x

Clarrie & Charlie are still anxiously awaiting their turn. They’re every bit as loving and adorable as the other kits, but Charlie is taking a while to throw off his tummy bug and Clarrie is determined that she’s not leaving without him.

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