a brief tail of revenge

We love our little Rufus to bits … of course we do.   Hand reared from just over a week old  and recently had his first birthday.  He’s just a little spoiled, very much loved and a serious pain in the hind quarters.  Typical teenager … wearing his ears according to the latest fashion which he thinks is cool …….. the rest of us just glance and smirk.



Obviously he’s still just a kitten and wants to play but he’s  been a nightmare with the more nervous resident adults.  Poor Amber our semi feral just hides away/stays outside, but I have some very distressing mental images of old Uncle Henderson cowering in front of him.   No photographic images … standing photographing an old man being mugged rather than running to his aid just isn’t acceptable.

When little Karis was at her worst with her tummy bug and had to be in a crate to stop spread of infection he was a little horror! Sticking his hands through the bars to steal the digestive support food that he’d previously point blank refused to eat when he’d got an upset tum.

Thankfully people like Flipper will turn on him and put him in his place, and the normally mild mannered Honey has found it in herself to swear loudly at him.  Honey’s disapproval of the way I’ve brought him up is very evident some nights when he’s being a brat.


Now the nights are drawing in and its getting colder its a less acceptable option to sit down the bottom of the garden to avoid him, so for Amber and Hendo’s sake, after a few ‘incidents’ we put him in the ‘time out’ crate for a little while the other night.

Ru having time out

It’s not an awful space …there’s a comfy bed, litter tray, water, food and toys. The serious revenge though was when Flipper did exactly what he’d done to Karis and stole his food through the bars.

It meant that for once Henderson could settle himself on the back of the sofa and not worry about being ambushed.

Hendo safe & settled

Serious followers of our blog may be wondering where the other purrmanent resident is in this story. Really serious followers will know that the only place Jango would be is IN BED. Somehow he appears to have cut a line between being bullied and slapping Rufus around the head. Perhaps Jag has beaten him up whilst I’ve not been watching .. but my theory is that Ru sees his Uncle Jag as a role model and has simply agreed to lay down and sleep.

Ru learning to do mega sleeps

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