Spring Newsletter 2018

Well I hope its really Spring now and we’re finished with the snow [Nope – we’ve had more snow – Editor]. We’re in that lull between the rush of cats needing to come into rescue because the Winter is coming and they’re living rough and the avalanche of mums and kits that Spring and kitten season brings.

We were fortunate to have the usual post-Christmas rush on adoptions. The little F twins landed themselves a lovely patient home with a dad who was happy to build cardboard fortresses for them to play in. Lily found herself a beautiful home that purrfectly colour co ordinated with her lovely fur.  Merlot hooked up with Karis when she came to stay for Christmas and went home with her.  He was delighted when he discovered mum had named her favourite drink after him!  Poor Figgs thought he’d got himself a home lined up and then at the last minute was gazumped by his room mate Mr Tiggs. It all worked out well in the end though when Jenson’s mum fell for him and he went to live with Jenson and the bunnies.

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Mikey’s story

Mikey had been living rough in someone’s garden for a few months. He was one of the lucky ones who land in a garden that belongs to someone who cares.  They fed him and gave him some shelter and contacted Beverley who went out to scan him for a microchip.  Sadly he wasn’t chipped and no one was responding to “Found Cat” adverts .  Beverley got him on waiting lists for several local  rescues … and they waited .. and waited.   So many cats find themselves in similar or much worse situations.   This one got a whole lot worse when local kids started to push poor Mikey around, so she spread the net wider to include rescues that are further away.   The amazing facebook cat rescue network did what it does so well and found space here.

mikey on his way to rescue

We’re too small to realistically hold a waiting list so just  take the first needy cat we’re asked to take whenever a space becomes available … so long as we have the appropriate skills and resources to help him/her.  It just so happened that we received the message about Mikey the day before we were taking Lily to her new home.   The following morning I helped Lily settle into her new home and then came home to clean her room whilst Beverley drove Mikey over here.   She clearly cared very much about him and although he may have set off with nothing, he arrived here with two mega sized packets of dreamies and a lot of hope.   A week or two later a large tuck box arrived for him packed with toys and more treats and  dreamies.

We know that all cats are unique. Mikey was unique in a rather special way though that reminded us of a dog.  When he arrived he had his tail tucked firmly between his legs to the extent that we were concerned (it turned out unnecessarily) that he was injured. In his anxiety he huddled close to Beverley and kept his distance from me.  He soon realised he was fine, his tail relaxed and he started enjoying cuddles with me.  A few weeks later when his furever family came to meet him for the first time,  he tucked his tail in and huddled next to me whilst he weighed up his potential new staff.  That makes a lot of sense on one level .. but its mostly not what cats do!  I’ve known plenty of dogs who snuggle close when scared but mostly however much cats are loved, when they’re scared most cats hide or push us away. Remember the last time you tried to help Tibbles down from the shed roof, or unhook Fluffy when her claws were stuck in something?   When I took him to his new home it was the same – he tucked his tail in and huddled next to his new mum, then shyly went to the outstretched hands of his other new family members.  Then as his confidence grew he escorted his new dad to the kitchen to check out what was in the fridge ….. and then took him back to get seconds!   There were tears in my eyes as I watched this last stage in his transformation from an abandoned piece of rubbish to king of his little castle with doting servants.

A few hours after I left he sent the above photos and this lovely message:

“The last four hours have gone very quickly. I’ve eaten, used the litter tray, played, had a brush and got lots of cuddles. I know I had two beds to choose from, but as you can see from the picture I think I’ve chosen the best seat in the house! Can’t wait for my chicken dinner.

A huge thank you and purrrrrs to all the kind people that rescued me and helped me find my forever home, I won’t forget how generous and caring you have all been.


It is a rare thing indeed to find a cat who pauses to say thank you 😉    It’s rare too to meet a human who is so grateful for finding a rescue space.  A  few weeks later Beverley returned …. with a wonderful collection of things we could sell to raise funds.

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So lovely to not only rehome a gorgeous cat, but also make a friend.

The day Mikey moved out was another quick turn around day … and the gorgeous Pearl & River moved in to take his place.  They’re also now delighting in their purrever home.

Bulgarian Feast

We feel so fortunate to have randomly made connections with Zhany & Steve Hughes through one of our  fundraising stalls.   People often come to our stalls or contact us and say they are interested in helping fundraise only to disappear into the mist, never to be heard of again.  So I’m hoping I can be forgiven for being skeptical initially.    Zhany turned out to be completely different.   We’d had an Italian meal fundraiser in February …. she raised us a Bulgarian one for March … and followed through with it.  Wow … just wow!

We’ve also found a lovely new community venue in Heeley Institute …  it invites those with a sense of adventure to find their way through the one-way road system …. and once there to enjoy lovely surroundings, and excellent facilities.

It wasn’t so great when I arrived on the night …. the night of “The Beast from the East Part 2 :The Revenge” …  snowing a blizzard …. people climbing up the hill from the match at Bramall Lane looking like abominable snowmen.   If it had been down to me I might have cancelled.  Thankfully the amazing aunty Jenny and our chefs were made of sterner stuff.

It was a fabulous feast … not to mention the Rakia which was included.  Mind you … we needed it in that weather.  Grateful to the amazing people who turned out regardless  … and then pitched in with helping to clear up as our washer uppers were snowed in.

The meal was excellent and people were amazed to learn that Zhany & Steve aren’t professional chefs …. they’re actually teachers of English to people who’s first language isn’t English.   That’s awesome because with connections like this we can have some fabulous international food events.   Our next one is French on Sunday 6 May.   If you’d like a ticket you need to be quick as we’ve almost sold out.

Please note: our main place to advertise events is our facebook fundraising page.  If you’ve missed out because you’re not on facebook and don’t want to miss the next one please let us know.


When little Mogs arrived alone but keen to be friends with the other cats here we knew we needed to find another kit to pair with him so that they could go to a new home together.


We put feelers out to lots of rescue people across the area offering space for a single kit between about 4 and 12 months old and went to collect the first one that we were offered.  Imagine our surprise when we found they were almost identical.


Thankfully they hit it off really well and are enjoying their new home together now

mogs & patch in new home

Fabulous stuff to sell

Our amazing and creative fundraiser Jenny has really excelled herself these last few months with more and more lovely ideas.  So as well as the gorgeous hand knitted toys made by Beverley we now have some amazing ‘Firefly Bottles’ for sale.   The ones below are just a small selection of an ever changing stock.  We’re delighted to have the support of Ralph & Dave’s mum who owns the Gin Wagon and The Gin Bar at Vintedge  and The Ale House for donating bottles…… and of course the lovely Noel (Daisy’s dad) in creating the lights.  [You need to check your punctuation so that people don’t think that Ralph & Dave’s mum owns all three establishments – Ed]

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They’re £5 each ….. though we’ve had such a rush on the Henderson’s bottles that if you’re wanting a Hendos you may need to bring your own bottle  🙂

We’re also developing a rather smart selection of drawstring bags which I understand are  called slipper bags.  Not only do  these come in several different sizes & designs they also come in waterproof option so great for toiletries, swim/beach stuff etc.

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They’ll be priced between about £5 and £8 depending on size.  If you’re interested in buying lamps or bags please either contact us at eightlives@outlook.com or call Jenny directly on 07743675747.

Still looking for their furever home: Tyga & Belle

These gorgeous young ladies arrived in rescue the same day as Mikey.  He’s been in his new home for weeks, and Pearl & River  who moved into his room the day he moved out have also been in their new home for weeks.  For some reason these two have just had people messing them around – people who live on a very busy road, people who don’t want to adopt for several months, people who live miles and miles away, people who want to split them apart or even mix and match them with another pair of cats.  They deserve so much better than that.

If you think you could give them a loving settled home please contact us …… their adoption advert is here.

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  1. Christine

    Thought you’d like to know that Freddy and Holly are still thriving with us. Freddy enjoys curling up on the shelf next to my computer while I’m working.


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