Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks here.  We started with a rare placement of a black and white cat in foster care … and have ended with the a black and white cat in a rare foster placement.

And … yet … so much in between 🙂

Paul has been in his foster home for nearly 6 weeks now.  The change in him has been phenomenal.  It’s what his feeder (whilst he was living rough) believed in, what I hardly dared hope for, but what his lovely foster family have made come true.  The grubby scared boy has grown incredibly in confidence and self esteem.

It’s hard to believe its the same cat who arrived with us a few weeks ago.

Paul anxious in rescue

However, I’ve been round to his foster home this evening and checked his microchip … and confirmed that it’s the same boy. I don’t normally go around checking chips but his foster family decided they don’t want to foster Paul any longer.

This isn’t bad news though … it’s good … in fact it’s awesome! The dirty, frightened stray cat whom we thought may end up needing to be re homed on a farm has got his paws under the table and his humans wound around his fluffy fingers.  They’re stopping fostering him in order to adopt him 🙂  Despite some tricky times with ear drops this is one loved up little family.

Mikey & Paul discussing house rules

Here he is with Mikey the resident cat who was adopted a few months ago. They appear to be discussing general rules of sharing the house and who will sleep where. They’re both big fans of rocking chairs. Thankfully this is a two rocking chair family … so everyone will be happy …. unless of course the humans wanted to sit in them.


Adoption papers signed. Everyone involved in this story is just so pleased.

Meanwhile about 10 days ago one of our lovely fundraisers contacted us about an elderly stray cat she’d found. She’d taken him to the vet to be checked for a microchip … and to everyone’s joy a chip had been found and the ‘owner’ was contacted. To everyone’s amazement and horror, the ‘owner’ said he was nothing to do with them and disowned him.

We don’t know how old this lad is … but records say he was micro chipped in 2003 so he’s 15 at least.  It’s easy to be angry with the ‘owner’ … and on one level I am! … but who knows what’s happened in 15 years to bring them and poor Oreo to this position.  Life can be tough for humans as well as cats.  Thankfully another of our fundraisers has agreed to foster him.

So here we are again with a black and white cat in foster care.  Foster placements are a rare luxury for us and prior to Paul finding a foster home it was July last year when we had a cat in foster care.  If you’d like to be part of changing that … and giving more cats like Paul and Oreo a better chance in life … please contact us at

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