She’s just not that into you

The last few weeks have been a difficult emotional journey for little Dasher. He put so much effort into finding a potential bestie, and could scarcely contain his excitement when little Dexi arrived.

waiting for first sight of her

He’s worked hard at the relationship, chattering to Dexi, showing her how to climb curtains, suggesting all sorts of fun games they might play.

To be fair, the rules of some of the games have been a little complex and tedious, but he’s put the work in. He’d had dreams of moving to a new home together, with a garden and servants of their own. Sadly it’s not to be. Much as he chases around after her telling her she’s beautiful (and clever & strong too because he’s a 21st century kitten and doesn’t want her to think he’s only interested in her being pretty), her invariable response is “HISS OFF!”


We can all see it, but it’s hard for him to let go and move on. He remains hopeful.

His pal Rufus is being a good mate, and suggested they go out and play in the garden to take his mind off it.

Finger even invited him upstairs for a playdate with her and Bandit. In the event, Bandit wasn’t so keen, but Finger listened patiently to him and showed him a few ‘special’ hunting techniques.

Dasher obviously felt a bit more valued after that and practised posing like Dodger in their bedroom. We think it was a pretty decent attempt.

Both Dexi and Dasher and lovely kits, but we will all have to accept that the love affair we hoped for is simply not going to work out. Dexi wants a home where she can live the single life with no other cats, Dasher wants to have some mates around.

Aunty Honey isn’t pleased that her boy has been snubbed .. and would like to know just what the problem was

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